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English for Everyday Living


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  • Learn the names of the things you see or use every day.

  • Learn the sentences you need for everyday situations.

Just for fun, visit this page: Fun With English

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These lessons will help you learn much of the vocabulary and many of the sentence forms you need to know to live in an English-speaking society. The spellings and the expressions used are those from the United States.   Grammar rules and spelling rules are covered by other sections of this site. 

In the Kitchen

In the Bathroom

In the Bedroom

In the Living Room

In the Garage

In the Yard

In the Office

At School

At the Store

At the Barbershop

Your Body 1 & 2

Telling Time

You can print out the lessons from the web pages or order them free via e-mail.

The following materials  will help you do these lessons if English is not your native language:

  • A dictionary that has words in English and in your own language;

  • An all-English dictionary, as large and as complete as you can find;

  • An English-language newspaper with many advertisements;

  • An English-language catalog from a department store: Sears, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.;

  • Any Basic or Intermediate English text book with a good grammar section;

  • Any means of listening to spoken English - language tapes, television, radio.

  Favorite Songs from the 50's to the 80's

Learn about American Culture of the 1950's to the 1980's through the popular music of the time.

Practice reading English with Lyrics to the songs and biographies of the singers and bands at .

Practice reading English.  Check out the following stories at .

GreepleTitle Page
When their planet's sun began growing hotter, most of the insect-like residents began taking steps to protect themselves from the rising temperature.  One group built a rocket ship and prepared to send the ship into space to find a new home just in case life became impossible on their own planet.  A large green caterpillar named Greeple was chosen to pilot the rocket.  The ideal planet that Greeple finally landed on was already occupied, so the caterpillar had to adjust his plans. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
25 pages, full-color illustrations.  Story can be reviewed at .
No Jokes Cover-Small
Harold Hare began playing practical jokes on his friends in Petunia Park.  They soon decided they had to do something about it.  Find out what the other animals did to keep Harold from playing more jokes.

22 illustrated pages.  Story can be reviewed at .
Busy Lizzie Cover-small

"Busy Lizzie learned to rhyme
Before she learned to tell the time."
And so begins the book about Lizzie Sue and how she learned to make rhymes while going for rides in the car with her father.

18 illustrated pages.  Story can be reviewed at .

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