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  Set 3 - Lesson 7 - Answer Key

Exercise A:

1. The cat yawned  X 3. The men carried   5. Michael was sleeping              X 7. I like 9. Apple trees grow  X
2. We eat      X 4. The actress cries   X 6. My mother bakes  X 8. Boys can run    X 10. The child broke

Exercise B:  Answers will vary.  Here are some possibilities.

1. The cat yawned after his nap.  (on the park bench, quietly, behind the barn, ferociously)

2. We eat every morning.  (on the park bench, quietly, very quickly, late Saturday night, behind the barn.)

3. The actress cries quietly.  (every morning, on the park bench)

4. Michael was sleeping on the park bench.  (quietly, behind the barn, late Saturday night.)

5. My mother bakes every morning.  (late Saturday night, behind the barn.)

6. Boys can run very quickly.  (into the river, quietly, every morning)

7. Apple trees grow behind the barn.  Apple trees grow very quickly.

8. The birds rested in the tree.  The kite crashed in the tree.  The possum slept in the tree.

9. The little old lady fell into the river.  The fisherman waded into the river.  Betty jumped into the river.

10. The tiger growled ferociously.  The wrestler struggled ferociously.

Examination:  Answers will vary.  Here are some possibilities.

1. Frederick was running very slowly.  (swiftly, , with a limp, in last place, up the stairs.)

2. The elephant eats early in the morning.  (slowly, with huge mouthfuls )

3. The actress cried softly.  (in her dressing room, to the audience, with bitterness.)

4. Most professors teach in universities.  (poorly, with graduate assistants.)

5. The athletes swam gracefully.  (in the pool, before breakfast, into the wall.)

6. We roasted in the hot sun.  (without an air conditioner, during the afternoon.)

7. Captain Harris flies to China every week.  (off the handle, in a helicopter, with a charter group.)

8. Alice is driving without a license.  ( to Chicago, all the way, by the Mall.)

9. Henry washes behind his ears.  (with baby shampoo, before bed, every day.)

10. I speak with an accent.  (quietly, in my sleep, to my wife.)

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