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Set 3 - Lesson 8 - Answer Key


Exercise A:  Answers will vary.  Here are some possibilities.

1. Most boys eat pizza.

2. Most healthy boys eat pizza.

3. Most healthy boys eat much pizza.

4. Most healthy boys eat much pizza with pepperoni.

5. On the weekend, most healthy boys eat much pizza with pepperoni.

Exercise B:  Minor variations will be acceptable.

1. Forty nurses were taking the difficult test.

2. John and Mary received beautiful Christmas cards.

3. My shiny new car hit the telephone pole last night.

4. I dropped fifty dollars into the night deposit slot.

5. Into the valley of death rode the six hundred.

Exercise C:

1. Adjective + noun + verb + article + adjective + noun.

2. noun + (conjunction) + noun + verb + adjective + adjective (actually a noun acting like an adj.) + noun

3. possessive pronoun + adjective + adjective + noun + verb + article + noun + adverb  (treat telephone pole as one noun and last night as one adverb)

4. Pronoun + verb + adjective + noun + prepositional phrase

5. Prepositional phrase + prepositional phrase + verb + article + noun  (six hundred - 600 - is treated as a noun here because it is referring to a military group, 600 cavalry men)


Examination: Answers will vary greatly.  Here are some possibilities.  The main points to watch are 1) that the words used match the part of speech indicated, 2) that the sentences make some kind of sense.

1. In the summer, mothers carefully watch young children in the playground.  Last night John stupidly ran six stop-signs in a row.

2. The quick brown fox with a bushy tail chased the silly chicken.  The cute young girl on the billboard held the frosty drink.

3. Mario drove the hot car recklessly.   We ate the hot pizza greedily.

4. The sad little boy wanted two new brothers for Christmas.   A tall dark stranger took several new watches from the store.

5. Mrs. Snyder shoved the salesman out the door.   Rabbits ate the broccoli in the garden.

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