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 English is the main language in the United States. It is the language you must know in order to succeed in this country. All traffic signs are in English.  Most schools, businesses, local governments and agencies, newspapers and magazines use English.  If you do not learn English, you will always live on the edges of our society, limited to dealing with others who speak your language.  This site uses the Official Language of the United States, American English, and its rules of spelling and grammar.

  Basic American English ---*--- English Grammar Rules ---*--- Practical English Vocabulary ---*--- Correct English Pronunciation ---*--- Useful English Sentences ---*--- American Spelling Rules


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This site will teach you English grammar rules, vocabulary, basic sentence structure and English spelling if you begin with enough knowledge of English to understand the directions and examples.  Many of the lessons include exercises for you to practice the concepts being taught, as well as exams to test your understanding of the concepts.  You will learn to talk about or describe yourself.  You will learn how to ask for things you want or need.  You will learn how to build sentences and how to make questions.  You will learn how to spell many useful English words.  You will learn how to write correct English.  Follow the links below to get to the lessons you need.  Follow the directions on each page. 

:  How to tell about yourself - who you are, what you want or need; how to ask questions; how to make sentences; basic grammar rules and terms.    (To see a list and a short description of the lessons, go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS.)

ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS ENGLISH SPELLING: 8 lessons.   Word families; study tricks; spelling rules; how to deal with exceptions to the rules.  (To see a list and short description of the lessons, go to TABLE OF CONTENTS.) 

ENGLISH FOR EVERYDAY LIVING: 12 lessons available. Sentences and words you can use in the home, at the store, at school, at work.  Many illustrations and examples.  (To see a list and short description of these lessons, go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS.) 

Learn to Write Correct English Intermediate Lessons: 28 lessons with answer keys. Parts of speech, types of sentences, how to build sentences, using capital letters, punctuation, using the correct word, etc. (To see a list and short description of these lessons, go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS.) 

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Practice reading English.  Check out the following stories at .
lowing stories at

GreepleTitle Page                         
When their planet's sun began growing hotter, most of the insect-like residents began taking steps to protect themselves from the rising temperature.  One group built a rocket ship and prepared to send the ship into space to find a new home just in case life became impossible on their own planet.  A large green caterpillar named Greeple was chosen to pilot the rocket.  The ideal planet that Greeple finally landed on was already occupied, so the caterpillar had to adjust his plans. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
25 pages, full-color illustrations.  Story can be reviewed at .

No Jokes Cover-Small              
Harold Hare began playing practical jokes on his friends in Petunia Park.  They soon decided they had to do something about it.  Find out what the other animals did to keep Harold from playing more jokes.

22 illustrated pages.  Story can be reviewed at .

Busy Lizzie Cover-small             

"Busy Lizzie learned to rhyme
Before she learned to tell the time."
And so begins the book about Lizzie Sue and how she learned to make rhymes while going for rides in the car with her father.

18 illustrated pages.  Story can be reviewed at .

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