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In the Bedroom

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Bedrooms are used for sleeping, for recovering from illnesses, for storing clothing and for changing clothes.  Some children have desks in their bedrooms for doing their school work. They also store their toys and books in their bedrooms.  Many homes have a Master Bathroom connected to the Master Bedroom, for the use of the parents or adults in a home.

Fred is making his bed. This means arranging the linen neatly. A woman's shirt is usually called a blouse. This is a woman's undergarment called a bra or a brassiere. Girls and women wear bracelets around their wrists. This is a pair of ear rings, even though they are not rings.

Expressions used in the bedroom:

  • Please make your bed.
  • You should make your bed every morning.
  • Is it time to change the sheets?
  • We keep the sheets and pillow cases in the linen closet.
  • Do you need an extra blanket on your bed?
  • Mr. Snyder prefers to sleep with a window open.
  • Put the socks and the underwear in the top dresser drawer.
  • Do you hide Christmas presents under the bed?
  • I'll put fresh sheets on the bed tomorrow.
  • Don't jump on the waterbed.
  • This mattress is too hard.
  • What time did you set the alarm for?
  • Don't just throw your clothes on a chair.
  • Fold or hang your clothes neatly when you take them off.
  • I prefer sleeping on my side.
  • Matthew, pick up every one of your cars and put them where they belong.
  • Martha stores her good dresses and sweaters in a cedar chest.
  • Johnny, hang your clothes up neatly.
  • There are clean shirts in the closet.
  • Turn the night light on, Mommy..
  • Suzie, you have to pick up your toys.
  • Mrs. Thompson has to sleep with two pillows.
  • Is the desk light bright enough for you?
  • Don't close the door all the way!
  • Many women keep their perfumes and cosmetics on their vanities.
  • I'll put my clothes in the dresser and you can put yours in the chest of drawers.
  • There's not enough room in this dresser for all of my clothes.
  • Try to fit your sweaters in the bottom drawer.
  • Good night.  Sleep tight.  Don't let the bedbugs bite.
  • Don't forget to set your alarm clock.
  • How many times are you going to change clothes?
  • I don't have anything decent to wear.
  • Don't hog the blankets.
  • Sheila keeps her bracelets and necklaces in a jewelry box.
 <----- Bed with bedspread and teddy bear

Chest of drawers with six drawers ----->

Both boys and girls carry their school books in backpacks. Pants like these made of denim are called jeans or blue jeans. Many women wear high-heeled shoes. Women sometimes put on lipstick to color their lips. Bikini panties like these are worn by girls or young women.

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Exercise A, Verbs used in the bedroom: Write a meaning for each verb that has to do with an activity that takes place in a bedroom, then use that word in a sentence.  (Example: change = put something else in place of the original item.  "Jim changed his shoes when he came home from work.")  You may print out this lesson from the web page or order it free via e-mail.

Verb Meaning Used in a sentence
make, makes, made, making, made    
change, changes, changed, changing, changed    
sleep, sleeps, slept, sleeping, slept    
lie, lies, lay, lying, lain    
hang, hangs, hung, hanging, hung    
fold, folds, folded, -folding, -folded    
store, stores, -stored, storing, stored    
pick up, picks up, picked up, picking up, picked up    
take off, takes off, took off, taking off, took off    
put on, puts on, put on, putting on, put on    
tie, ties, -tied, tying, tied    
wake, wakes, waked (woke), waking, waked (woken)     
Men's pants are also called slacks or trousers. Many people wear sandals in the summer. This is a skirt. Women wear them with a blouse or sweater. This is a pair of men's dress shoes. This is a man's long-sleeved shirt.

Exercise B, Nouns found in a bedroom:  After each noun, write a meaning that could be found in a bedroom.

bed   pillow  
bunk beds   sheet  
waterbed   comforter  
dresser   bed spread  
vanity   mattress  
chest of drawers   blanket  
wardrobe   pillow case  
cedar chest   night stand  
closet   socks  
coat hanger   stockings  
drawer   underwear  
head board   T-shirt  
tie rack   blouse  
neck tie   shirt  
sweater   pants  
skirt   slacks  
dress   trousers  
shoes   shorts  
high heels   slip  
sandals   bra  
sneakers   pullover  
running shoes   vest  
loafers   handkerchief  
slippers   alarm clock  
scarf   clock radio  
suit   sport coat  
toy box (chest)   desk  
jeans (blue jeans)   belt  


Some bedrooms have a nightstand beside the bed. This is a single bed with a head board and a foot board. The girls are sitting on the twin beds. Ruth is looking in the vanity mirror to put on her lipstick. Zippers are used to close pants, skirts or dresses.
Two children can sleep in a bunk bed like this.  Many girls would love to sleep in a canopy bed. This is one type of alarm clock. This is a dresser with a mirror. This is an innerspring mattress.

Exercise C: Use words from the Noun list to fill the blanks in the following sentences.

1. When he came home from the office, Mr. Anthony took off his ____________ and his __________ and hung them in the ___________.

2. Jane put on a pair of ____________ and a pair of ___________ to go jogging.

3. When two children share the same bedroom, they often sleep on  ______________.

4. I like to sleep with two ____________ under my head and a ___________ and  ___________ over my body.

5. Most boys wear a ____________ and a pair of_______________ to school.

6. Most men use a ___________ to hold their _____________ up.

7. Women use ______________ made of wood, metal or plastic to hang their ___________ and _____________ in the _______________.

8. When you change a bed,  you should put on clean _____________ and ____________.

9. Some people hang their clothes in a ______________ if there is not enough room in the ___________.

10. Children do their school work on a ____________ and keep their toys in a _____________.


1. suit (sport coat, slacks, trousers), neck tie, closet

2. shorts, sneakers (running shoes)

3. bunk beds (twin beds)

4. pillows, sheet, blanket (comforter, bed spread)

5. shirt, pants (shoes, sneakers, socks, other possibilities)

6. belt, pants (slacks, trousers)

7. coat hangers (clothes hangers), skirts, blouses (dresses), closet

8. sheets, pillow cases

9. wardrobe, closet

10. desk, toy box (toy chest)

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